Increase Output with Patented 
Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (GTIAC)

Kohlenberger Associates Consulting Engineers, pioneers in refrigeration engineering since 1922, combine over 31 years of innovative engineering experience as consultants with its own contracting and marketing affiliate, KACE Energy  Corporation. Together, Kohlenberger/KACE Energy provide complete systems and services to the power generation industry to design, sell, install, commission, start-up and provide training for its patented multi-staged, multi-temperature GTIAC technology.

Cooling Coil installation into Filter House


Patented Technology
Enhanced Power Output
Reduced Heat Rates
Assured Firm Power Guarantees
Lower Cost vs. Added Turbine Capacity
Central California installation of Patented Multi-Staged, Refrigerated GTIAC System
More Power for Less . . .
Our GTIAC systems provide 10-15% net increased power output and 3-5 % reduced heat rates. Attractive payback options available for continuous  baseload and selected peaking applications.
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We can provide you with a preliminary review of your specific project requirements with out state-or-the-art computer model "snapshot" analysis.
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